• Risk/Protective Factor Assignment (200 points) (Week 4) Select a risk factor or protective factor that is related youth development. You may use this site to review other factors: https://bit.ly/2HOYL0w. • Risk factors refer to stressful conditions, events, or circumstances that increase a child’s chances for poor outcomes.
    • • Protective factors refer to conditions or characteristics of individuals, families, or communities that promote healthy youth development.
    • • Search for recent scholarly articles related to that risk or protective factor.
    • • Create a bibliography at least 20 articles, which were published within the past 10 years and not assigned as a required course reading.
    • • Then read three (3) of the articles listed in your bibliography and provide a double-spaced summary of one (1) page in length—for each article.
    • • Submit as a Word or PDF document


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