Initial requirements are attached (computing theoryAssignment2Aa (1).docx and tips(1).txt with this email. Subject: computing theory No of Page/Words : 4/1000 Words Reference : APA —————————————————- Some messages share by the student Hi, Just wondering if we are allowed to enable transitions out of final states? As by default JFLAP does not allow. Answer: . Remember, we are using the course/book acceptance condition: halts in final. JFLAP does not uses that and just accepts when a final is reached. So, yes, in our definition, the machine can keep executing when reaching the final, you must be careful. In the automaker, if you get to a final state but there are still possible transitions, the machine will keep executing!! So make sure that if you want to accept, your machine does stop in a final state (not just arrive to a final state!). There is a very easy way to make sure you never ever make a mistake here.. 😉 ———————————– Some Notes share by the student:( and mathematical symbols.pdf) ————————————————— The solution file received from the expert in attachments. ————————————– Feedback received from the student. Student :comment kindly follow the guideline strictly and provide the correct solution.We cant afford to loose this client This  assignment is all wrong expert did not creat a turning machine it should be  created by clicking the “Turing Machine” button from the main JFLAP menu !! what he did is  wrong and also two words need to be separated by # is written in the assignment specification also name the solutions as it is stated on the assignment specification do not name them as damn long number! this work is poor and wrong and not acceptable i need revising for the work as soon as possible!. this  how Turning machine look like see the attachment JFLAP has two acceptance conditions under Preferences, one can make JFLAP “Accept by final state” or “Accept by halting”, or by either of them (if both selected). We recommend to work with only “Accept by final state” selected, but remember that by itself “Accept by Final State” does not require halting, so think how to build your machine to capture the halting in final state acceptance condition that shall be used. e solutions for Exercise 2: Undecidability part b Exercise 3: Complexity answer is wrong  what is this is not even related to the questions defied the answer as a,b,c,d

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