Complete Peer Review Activity using the Students’ Posted Draft of Lesson Plan in this Discussion Board. (Due by 11:59pm, June 16) Each student will be assigned to review 2 of other students’ draft of lesson plan in this discussion board. Once you have uploaded your draft of lesson plan successfully, you will be automatically be assigned by the Canvas system to review 2 students’ work. Please see the specific directions (posted PPT, and useful links) in Week 6 module regarding how to complete peer review activity using Canvas system. Make sure you do the following things: 1) use the peer-review form to provide overall feedback for the other students’ draft of lesson plan; Attach the forms with your feedback to your peers while you have completed peer review activity; 2) For the grammatical, spelling, mechanic and other suggestions, kindly use the “Review” or “Track changes” button in the student’s original word document and post your comment on the right side of the column of the word document, and then return the document to your peers with your comment/feedback. This peer review activity will be worth of 10 points. Once you have complete this activity, you will receive another 10 points. I attach one peer review form for your reference and be prepared for reviewing others’ work. Note The peer review for this tow files name Comparative Grammar Project and Annotated Lesson Plan Template Assigned peereviwe 2 CompareGrammar Assigned peereviwe 1

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