PROMPT: You are to look for any three (3) already fabricated objects within your home. Using any measurement tools (i.e. caliper) readily available to you, measure all geometric features and record their values on a scratch sheet of paper. Include all dimensions as required to appropriately describe each part on an engineering technical drawing. You are required to submit AutoCAD drawings for each part that you select. Additionally, you are to create a “College Dream Dorm Room” layout. While following the parameters listed below, create your college dorm room layout using the AutoCAD student software. This project is worth 150 points. Bonus points will be awarded to students that submit projects that exhibit detail beyond the scope of the class.


DESIGN PARAMETERS: 3 Reverse Engineering components • Hardware Components: o Assume all components are free from obvious fabrication discrepancies. o Assume all holes are THRU, unless shown otherwise o Assume all sides are perfectly flat and maintains true intended shape o Measurements must be made to a precision of +/- 0.125” • Rough Draft o All sheets used to capture all geometric definition from your part. o Multiple drawings that exist on one (1) page is allowed. o Drawings will be evaluated on completeness and following engineering dimensioning/Multiview configuration standards. o Must be on 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper (graphing, college ruled, plain, etc…) o Part names can be user defined. • Final Draft o Must be completed in AutoCAD (or other CAD drafting software) and submitted in CANVAS by the due date o Include different Layers to describe the different line types employed in your model drawings • College Dream Dorm o Must be completed exclusively in AutoCAD Appropriate layout symbology must be followed (utilize online research) o Include different Layers to describe the different line types employed in your model drawings


FALL 2021 SEMESTER DUE DATE 12/13/2021

  • What is due in CANVAS: o 3 hand drafted rough draft of selected components o 3 AutoCAD (or alternate CAD software) Reverse Engineering Drawing Files. o 1 AutoCAD only “College Dream Dorm Room” Layout


Drawings correctly matches some of the geometric features of the given components

Drawings lack a number of critical geometric features and does not match the geometric intent of the component

30 DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY Drawings exhibit correct dimensional quantities within the the allowable tolerance

Drawings exhibit correct dimensional quanties with few dimensions exceeding the allowable tolerance

Drawings missing dimenional quantities or grossly exceeds the allowable tolerance of the parts

30 DRAWING LAYOUT Drawings exhibit the appropriate views necessary for 3rd angle, multi-view, orthographic projections

Drawings contain some errors in the orthographic nature of a 3rd angle, multi-view projection of the component

Drawings fail to show the appropriate drawing layout needed for a 3rd angle, multi-view, orthographic projection

1 0 DRAWING INTERPRETATION Drawings are easy to interpret and leave little room for subjective interpretation.

Drawings are interpretable, but can be mis-interpreted in some areas.

Drawings are missing key areas that objectively describe the features on the part.

20 DRAWING ORGANIZATION Overall drawing is clean, neat and free of any disorder, choatic, or careless work.

Overall drawing is clearn but may have some level of disorder or negligent work

Overall drawing portrays careless work and does not uphold the standards required for a Engineering Technical Drawing


“COLLEGE DREAM DORM” LAYOUT DRAWING ACCEPTABLE BELOW AVERAGE UNSATISFACTORY MAXIMUM SCORE ACTUAL SCORE APPROPRIATE SYMBOLOGY Research was obviously conducted and appropriate use of today’s layout standard were utilized

General layout symbolism used, but left room for improvement or optimization

No layout symbology was used and lacked fundamental application in layout planning

1 5 ATTENTION TO DETAIL Layout was created using meticulous processes and attention to detail.

Object manipulation left room for improvement (i.e. overextended lines, untrimmed arcs, nonconcentric circles, etc…)

Layout created using basic lines and object, unfit for project level application. Object manipulation was lacking and careless attention to detail.

1 5 USE OF SPACE Room design utilized appropriate use of space. No obvious blank areas left.

Space was utilized, but could have contained more detail to the allocated space amount

Layout lacks defintion and does not employ full use of the target space

1 0 USE OF OBJECT MODIFICATION Layout uses thorough application of AutoCAD tools and object modification

Layout needed improvement on object manipulation to be able to efficiently produce intended geometry

Layout does not reflect correct AutoCAD procedures when manipulating objects correctly.


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