Respond to each POST with 125-150 words

Question 1: Describe your circadian rhythms as indicated by the results of the Morningness Eveningness Scale and reflect on how they affect your work and personal life.

Post 1: I scored a 39 on the Morningness Eveningness Scale. This resulted in me being a Moderately Evening Type of person. I would say this is fairly accurate. During the weekdays I have to get up in the morning and sometimes I dread it. But once I start to get ready, I slowly start to become more awake. Then, at night I usually end up in bed around Midnight. I don’t stay up on purpose either, I’m just usually not tired. Don’t get me wrong, once I’m awake I can perform tasks just fine. Overall, my sleep schedule depends on what I have planned the next day. If I have to get up early the next morning, I will head to bed about two to three hours then my usually time. When I don’t have any plans, I tend to sleep till noon. So, I would say my sleep schedule is kind of messy, but for some reason I manage. Not sure how long that will last so I need to start developing a better sleep schedule in order to keep me sane.

Post 2: Our circadian rhythm is the decider of our sleep patterns. It’s described as the “daily fluctuations in bodily processes that occur in a cycle of approximately 24 hours, based upon the daily rotation of the earth around the sun” (Jordan, 2019). My own circadian rhythm revealed that I am neither a night owl nor a morning lark, which means, like 70 per cent of people, I have a normal sleep routine.Initially, I thought the result was bad. I have never really felt like I was either, but I have found that my rhythm has changed over the years. When I was younger, getting up early in the mornings was easier. Now? Not so much. I find it difficult to do that, even with a full night’s sleep. It has not really affected my personal life very much, but it does nearly eliminate my ability to stay awake during late nights. When when it comes to jumping up at 4am for work, I cannot do that easily on most day either, and admittedly, am always racing against the clock to get to work on time. I am much better for the day if I can sleep until 7am at least. Did I mention that I also like to take naps? Getting sleep is clearly not a problem for me. Getting up on time always is.

Question 2: Describe what you find most helpful in the article Six Ways to Stop Worrying and Find Work You Love,

Post 1: The article was beneficial in providing insights on finding work that one loves. In particular, the article points out the need to find the connection between values and talents. Indeed, personal fulfillment can only be attained when the values and skills are synchronized to meet the goals of a job. Job satisfaction is not limited to the rewards of salaries and money that are accrued from job performance. Instead, true fulfillment is derived from the feelings of conformity to ethics and values that matter to the individual. I find this statement to be true as I also derive my fulfillment from the feelings of accomplishment of something that I enjoy doing. In fact, I always push myself to complete projects even when the working hours have lapsed just to experience the joy of accomplishing my goals. I often find myself working for extra hours at work without demanding for overtime payments.

Still, I find the article to be very accurate in encouraging people to act first and then reflect later. Overthinking about the choice of career only helps to increase procrastination resulting in lower levels of fulfillment. Even when no opportunities emerge for a specific job, one should be encouraged to take up internship opportunities. It is only through practical engagements in new jobs that one can test careers through experiential learning. By engaging in different activities and job positions, one can establish and identify their strengths and weaknesses with accuracy.

Post 2: What I found most helpful was all of them. All six of statements stuck out, you can relate to each one of them in a different way. Or it change your mindset on now you think you have to stay stuck at one job due to “spreading risk in an insecure job”. The one that stuck out to me the most was find where your values and talents meet and act first, reflect later.Some people have hidden talents that they are good out and it do not come out until there employer say they can’t take a certain amount of days off. That’s when they act first by testing out there talents and how far they can get before they open of there own business. I personally no longer wants to work for someone. Because the way it’s being run and the care of the employees.

Question 3: Check your schedule. Set aside time on Monday or Tuesday to do at least a 15 minute observation of parenting in a public setting. This is an observation in which others will not know that they are being observed, and you will not interact with anyone you are observing, and you will not know anyone you are observing. Describe a style or styles of parenting in a grocery store or other public location following the suggestions for the observation in “Points to Ponder – Observations in Public Parenting” on page 57 of the Gardiner text.

Post 1: During the weekend, I went to a local grocery store in the Humboldt Park area, where I encountered various parents with their children shopping in the afternoon, and other adults shopping alone. I observed a diverse group of people in the store, I encountered many Hispanic shoppers, but I also encountered some Caucasian shoppers with their families. In addition, I also encountered some African American parents with their children.

I observed a Hispanic couple with a baby, a toddler, and another older boy that I assume was 4 years old. The toddler was walking with the father and the boy was holding his father’s hand as well. The mother was mainly the one picking up the fruits, vegetables, and items from the shelves. The baby was in the car seat inside the shopping cart. It seems as if the father was having a hard time holding the toddler and the older boy because the toddler wanted to explore around the store to touch the items. The boy was playing with the toddler which the father was just staring and letting them play. However, the father did a great job staying firm and just guide them around the store. The mother seemed tired and was just mainly doing the shopping. However, I feel the woman seemed in a bad mood. Moreover, I observed an African American woman shopping with a smaller toddler, however, I feel the woman was the grandma because she was just giving the toddler everything around the store. I feel like the grandma was spoiling the toddler. The grandma was struggling with the toddler in various moments.

I feel that the Hispanic couple did a great job with their parenting throughout the shopping experience. They just didn’t buy everything they encountered, it seems as if the mother was the caregiver and the one taking care of the role of shopping, and the father was there to help her with the children. The African American woman that seemed as the grandma maybe was just spoiling her granddaughter because she can’t do much to calm the toddler.

Post 2: Monday I decided to go inside one of my favorite stores which was Jewels to grocery shop. I went in the store around the time where it is usually busier than usual and all the children were getting out of school and they were with their parents. While in different sections I seen children in the snack aisle and in the section where the Halloween ads and customes were. One particular child she had to be at least 6 years old. She began to cry really loud, it had drawn attention. I believe her mother told her “No” to hot chips.

Next I observed she pointed to the hot chips and her mom simply said “No”. Afterwards I moved closer to see how the mother handled the situation. Her voice was soft and gave her child another option of chips, and she hugged her daughter and said “stop crying its ok”. The daughter wiped her face and began to remain calm and took the second option of chips.

Now from what I have observed in this 5 minutes or less observation was that the mom didn’t get hysterical and ignore her daughter, she gave her options, hugged her, talked calmly to her which diffused the situation. That showed motherly love and it showed how the small negative of the child crying and that could of led to a temper tantum instead her mom acknowledged her feelings.

Question 4: Critically evaluate the value of bilingual education for children as cited in the Cummins links. Indicate with which aspects you feel most in agreement and present any points of disagreement that arise for you.

Post 1: Bilingual education is a term that refers to the teaching of academic content in two languages, in a native and second language. Varying amounts of each language are used depending on the outcome goal of the model. Cummins draws the distinction between additive bilingualism in which the first language continues to be developed and the first culture to be valued while the second language is added. One of the most significant points that I had found was how he explained development of the first language. ALSO “Cummins’s hypotheses were interpreted to mean that a solid foundation in native-language literacy and subject-matter learning would best prepare students for learning in English.” I agree although English is one of the main languages in school, bilingual should be more developed as much as it is in another language. The disagreements I have is that it should be optional for those who want to take the class and feel the need that they want to learn a second language, also learning this language maybe harder for some children and may lose interest.

Post 2: Starting with the concept of bilingual education, bilingualism is the use of two languages in consideration of each other. (Gardiner, H. W., 2018). From my perspective, as a child raised bilingual, bilingual education focuses on using both English and another language during class. For instance, my first language as a child was Spanish and when I enrolled in school, I was placed in bilingual classes. These classes utilized both English and Spanish, I remember the teachers would speak to me in Spanish while explaining the English version of words or subject as well so I could learn the English definition of the Spanish words I already knew.

Now, according to Cummins, he states that “when children continue to develop their abilities in two or more languages… they gain a deeper understanding of language and how to use it effectively. They have more practice in processing language, especially when they develop literacy in both, and they can compare and contrast how their two languages organize reality.” (Cummins, J., 2001). I agree with this statement regarding Cummins’s argument on the benefits of having a bilingual education. As an example, since I was exposed to bilingual education, I believe that my education has made me a better scholar even now as a senior in college. I can utilize and switch between Spanish and English when needed as an adult and I believe I am more eloquent because I can think and speak in both Spanish and English. I have also men people in school who have had similar experiences as a child in school and they also believe that their exposure to a bilingual education has led them to be a more successful student and person. Furthermore, Cummin’s also has great points regarding how children benefit from bilingual education rather than hinder education and learning. I agree with everything that Cummin’s states, I have no objections, and I can personally vouch for his words as a person who was previously raised in bilingual education.

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