THE FIRST PART OF THE QUESTION IS TO GIVE YOU IDEA OF WHAT THE DISCUSSION IS ABOUT.YOUR ANSWER SHOULD BE BASED ON THE SECOND PART.YOU ARE RESPONDING TO THE PEERS POST BELOW ACCORDING TO THE SECOND PART OF THE QUESTION.2paragraphs for each response with intext citations and references QUESTION: First, describe the public key infrastructure. What is it? What are its major components? Second, explain why an active attacker can break an SSL connection, but not an IPsec connection? in responding to your peers’ posts, discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with IPsec and SSL connections. BELOW ARE FIVE PEER POST TO REPOND TO. 1. HKY) Public key cryptography supports security mechanisms such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. However, to successfully implement these security mechanisms, you must carefully plan an infrastructure to manage them. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is a foundation on which other applications, system, and network security components are built. A PKI is an essential component of an overall security strategy that must work in concert with other security mechanisms, business practices, and risk management efforts. PKI is a broad subject matter and is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of the business world. (Weise, 2001) Coming to the major components the very first one in public key infrastructure starts with trust, have in the infrastructure will determine what the certificates can be used for. The Certification Authority, this is the service which is responsible for issuing and revoking certificates. Private Key and public key, the public key will be included in the certificate. The private key is the counterpart to the public key and is private to the entity that will use the certificate. Digital certificate and usage scenarios, digital certificates are a file placed on your computer and a certificate placed on a device such as a smart card. Maintain the security is also important in public key infrastructure environment. (Ogenstad, 2010) According to the video, it says IPsec provide more security when compare to SSL security. IPsec protects the data, so that an attacker finds it extremely difficult or impossible to interpret it. The reason for why IPsec more difficult to attack for attacker, IPsec has a number of features that significantly reduce attacks. The Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) protocol in IPsec provides data confidentiality by encrypting IP packets. IPsec uses cryptography based keys, shared only by the sending and receiving computers, to create a cryptographic checksum for each IP packet. IPsec allows the exchange and verification of identities without exposing that information to interpretation by an attacker. IPsec combines mutual authentication with shared, cryptography based keys. IPsec uses filtering technology as the basis for determining whether communication is allowed, secured, or blocked, according to the IP address ranges and IP protocols. IPsec has IP layer protocol which is layer 3 and SSL has application layer protocol which is layer 7. (Protection against attacks: Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)., 2005) 2.FOM) A public key infrastructure enables users and computer devices to securely exchange data across internet networks. The emergence of public key infrastructure has addressed the concerns regarding public key cryptography where two keys namely a public and a private key are used to both encrypt and decrypt messages but however because two keys are used there are often uncertainties about authentication. (Rouse, M., 2014) Public key infrastructure uses a trusted third part known as a certification authority which is made up of both hardware and software to ensure integrity, authentication, and ownership of a public key. The certification authority works by distributing an encrypted binary certificate which is signed, and also confirms the identity of the certificate and binds that identity to …

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