Please create a PRESENTATION on google slides as well as an ESSAY on the topic of: Explore the current research on aging and describe the effect of aging on the genetic material of the cell. Please make sure that there are FIFTEEN or more slides on the google slides presentation as well as an MLA bibliography for the presentation and an ADDITIONAL one for the essay as well. I have attached an example of what the presentation should look like as well as another example of what the essay should look like and I have also attached the rubric for further reference. Please make sure the Bibliography is MLA FORMATTED. Please make sure to cite every source you use in the research report. Just to make it clear, this research report consists of a GOOGLE SLIDES PRESENTATION and an ESSAY on the topic in bold above. Thanks so much and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. Although, there shouldn’t be any confusion because my directions are pretty straight forward. Thank you!

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