The chapter I choose is Chapter 2, I will provide my PDF textbook below.

In 500 words or less, pick one chapter (Chapters 1-4 ) in the text (custom pack) and summarize the main topic of the Chapter.

Some rules for this assignment:

1. Write everything in your own words. Don’t use any quotes.

2. The 500 words doesn’t include your bibliography. Use your writing course guidelines for preparing your bibliography.

3. Do not include a title page, cover page, or abstract.

4. Single space, 10-point or 12-point font.

5. Do not use any graphics.

6. Do not exceed 500 words. There is a 20-point penalty for exceeding 500 words. (Your bibliography is not included in the 500-word limit)

7. Do not rely only on the materials in the text. Use the search engines to find some things to add to what the text says.

8. The topic of your essay does not require any instructor approval, and no instructor approvals are available. Part of the assignment is to identify the main topic of the chapter of your choice.

9. You can choose any chapter between Chapters 1 and 4, including both Chapters 1 and 4..

10. You may later use the same topic for your term paper.

11. The topic must be the MAIN topic of the chapter you choose, not a subtopic within the chapter. Remember, the assignment includes you identifying the main topic, so your instructor can’t help you do this.

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