The nursing metaparadigm offers insights concerning the nature in which the nursing profession should be set up and properly functioning. From the nursing perspective, the concept of the metaparadigms consists of four attributes including the patient as an entity, the patient’s environment, the well-being and health of the patient, and the responsibilities of the nurse (Alimohammadi et al., 2014). These four metaparadigms have a direct impact on the implementation of culturally proficient nursing care. With the advancement in technology and ease of patient access to quality care, there is an increased number of nurse-patient relations. The nurse has to ensure the provision of patient-centered care while focusing on the nursing metaparadigms. The aspect of culturally proficient nursing care makes use of the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are in support of the caring of patients that originate from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. In this accord, culture is able to directly influence the nature of the health care practice and the manner in which the healthcare provider, as well as the patient, perceives the diseases or illness (Lee, & Fawcett, 2013). Based on the theoretical frameworks that the nursing metaparadigm offers together with the assumptions, conceptual models, and propositions, the nurses can be in a position to comprehend the cultural aspect of patient care and act accordingly. The Person Component The patient, as the receiver of the care, makes up the person component aspect of the nursing metaparadigm. Other connections with the person component include close friends, family, and other social groups that are important to the patients and their overall well-being (Bahramnezhad et al., 2015). In this metaparadigm, nurses are able to comprehend the patient as and individuals and how they relate with others in society. The nurses are also able to understand the cultural aspects of the patient through an inquiry from the patient and close relatives in the event of patients who are not in a position to speak for themselves or make sound decisions. The Environment Component This concept of the nursing metaparadigm is focused on the natural and physical surrounding that impacts the day to day life of the patient. in order to offer culturally proficient care, it is important for the nurses to have a deep understanding of the patient’s environment, climatic condition, cultures, and other societal elements (Bahramnezhad et al., 2015). Be that as it may, the environment constitutes both internal and external influences that depict the nature in which the patient directly interacts with the surrounding which may or may not affect their health and wellness. Health Component While there is easy access to quality health care with the Affordable Care Act, the health component still focuses on the aspect of health care wellness and ease of access. The health component also focuses on the genetic makeup of the patient, social or spiritual standpoints, lifespan, and the various ways in which the emotional, social and intellectual can all be integrated into the patient’s care. Nursing Component This component of the nursing paradigm is involved with the provision of optimal health outcomes of the patient by creating a safe and caring environment. The nurse components make use of knowledge, skill, and technology to offer quality services and interprofessional collaboration towards the attainment of positive patient outcomes (Bahramnezhad et al., 2015). In this regard, nurses have the capacity to make use of professional judgment and efficient communication strategies to understand the various patient attributes required to conduct their duties and responsibilities. References Alimohammadi, N., Taleghani, F., Mohammadi, E., & Akbarian, R. (2014). The nursing metaparadigm concept of human being in Islamic thought. Nursing Inquiry , 21 (2), 121- 129. Bahramnezhad, F., Shiri, M., Asgari, P., & Afshar, P. F. (2015…

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