Read requirements carefully. No plagiarism. no grammar mistakes. 1 or 1 and a half page only. requirements uploaded. business Management class 462

— Write about any business you want to make. write about Forms of Business Ownership,and which one would you use for your business.( any simple business)

ownerships lists:

1 -Sole Proprietorship

·2- General Partnership

3- Limited Partnership

·4- Corporation

5- S Corporation

6- Limited Liability Company

What form of business ownership would you adopt for your business? chose one from these ownerships. Explain why in terms of the criteria listed in chapter 6. Also state why you would not adopt each of the other 5 forms of ownership.

The above assignment should be stated in two or more paragraphs in at least one page

Put your name and class, etc information in a cover page (preceding page). Page margins 1 inch, Font New Roman regular 11 point, 1.15 space lines.

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