Please use Times 12 Font, single space ; Reading summary should be approximately ¾ to a page long.

Reading summary should have three sections – Reading Quotes, Response and Questions (please see the reading summary template)

  • Reading Quotes: Extract the main points of the reading using direct quotes, with page numbers. Feel free to include minor points that you found intriguing. Provide page numbers for each citation; failing to provide page numbers is plagiarism (if you have done the assignment properly). The intent behind this is to be sure that you understand what the author has actually said (instead of what you think she has said). If there is reading from more than one source, separate the citations by author and title. This part is worth one point.
  • Response: Provide a one-paragraph (200-300 words) response to the class reading. Engage the author’s main points and arguments, but don’t write a summary of the material. The purpose of this is to get the author’s words into your vocabulary and into your thoughts so that you can fully digest the material. This is the opportunity to engage your intellectual curiosity. Use the first person, raise your own questions, and tell me what you think of the days’ readings. This is worth three points.

Questions: Construct two or three questions that link the reading to other readings, lectures, or class discussions. The questions may be on each reading or may be on the readings as a whole where that is appropriate. The goal of this portion of the assignment is to synthesize the material you extract from the main points of the reading. If these questions are perfunctory, I’ll comment on that and will expect improvement in future questions.

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