Write a four paragraph essay in response to the following prompt, incorporating at least two of the readings. and a new source that you locate. Use APA in-text and reference list citations.

here is the 2 reading you incorporate with:

Reading in the Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Learning Goals

How will liberal arts learning influence your life choices and your vocation?

Use the following format to guide your essay organization and content.

1. A brief introductory paragraph. Your final sentence in your introductory paragraph must be a strong thesis. When you have been asked to respond to a question for an essay or an exam, you can often turn that question into the beginning of your thesis. Here, you might start your thesis by writing:

I will use the liberal arts in my vocation through…

2. First body paragraph. Write a paragraph defining and describing the liberal arts. Use three sources for this paragraph—you should research one new source and use two sources from weeks 3-5. Take care to use topic sentences, claims, evidence from the sources, and rationales to state why they are important to your claims.

3. Second body paragraph. Use this paragraph to relate liberal arts learning to your vocation in life and/or work. Use at least two sources from weeks 3-5 as evidence in this paragraph (i.e., you may use sources twice in this essay.)

4. A brief concluding paragraph. Restate your thesis in new and interesting ways given your body paragraphs.

5. Provide proper APA in-text citations and references.

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