Minimum security is designed to _______________ unauthorized external activity: A. Detect and impede some B. Detect and impede all C. Impede some D. Impede all Functions of a chain-link fence include (mark all that apply): A. Supports surveillance and other security functions B. Assists in screening entry into the facility C. Deters casual intruders D. Protects against explosives ————————————————————— Surreptitious attacks on locking devices include: A. Circumvention of internal barriers of the lock B. Illicit keys C. Shimming D. All of the above ————————————————————— When formulating the approach to presenting the security design/upgrade plan, the format should be based on: A. Proposals from other security designers B. Personal experience C. Personal knowledge of the approving authority D. Time before the meeting ————————————————————— Minimum security is designed to _______________ unauthorized external activity: A. Detect and impede some B. Detect and impede all C. Impede some D. Impede all ————————————————————— The ID Method providing the greatest amount of security is: A. Card/Badge Exchange System B. Personal-Recognition System C. Single-Card/Badge System D. Multiple-Card/Badge System ————————————————————— Research to justify a proposal of a security design/upgrade is based on: A. The company’s past experience B. Area crime rates C. The company’s budget D. LLEA perception ————————————————————— The maximum useful number of combinations for most standard four-pin tumblers is about: A. 64,000 B. 1,025 C. 8,196 D. 145 ————————————————————— When protecting an objective, it should first be surrounded by: A. An isolation zone B. A penetration-resistant fence C. A high-security barrier D. An alarmed door ————————————————————— When determining who will be admitted to the facility and who will be allowed unrestricted access within it, vital areas requiring access controls include (mark all that apply): A. The facility itself B. Outside area leading to the facility C. Vault or strong room D. Alarm stations ————————————————————— Types of interlocking dead bolts include (mark all that apply): A. Long-throw deadbolt B. Vertical-throw dead bolt C. Deadlock D. Rotating dead bolt ————————————————————— Visitor categories include (mark all that apply): A. Those with business reasons for visiting the facility B. Individuals or groups sponsored by the government C. Those with personal or educational purposes D. Upper management who are not at the facility all the time ————————————————————— Using a typical combination of 10-35-75 indicates that the lock: A. Contains three tumblers B. Uses three keys C. Contains three bolts D. All of the above ————————————————————— Types of biometric devices include (mark all that apply): A. Iris scanner B. ID card scanner C. Hand scanner D. Spectrogram ————————————————————— To maintain reasonable key security (mark all that apply): A. M aintain strict control over master keys and control keys. B. Ensure that the key cannot be linked to the lock it operates. C. Ensure that someone else always has an extra key. D. Ensure that no extra duplicates are made. ————————————————————— The dial of a typical three-wheel combination lock is first turned four times in one direction to allow the flies to engage their respective wheels. True False

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