Final Discussion Question #1

Which one of these two African American authors, Frederick Douglass, in Narrative of the Life, or Harriet Jacobs, in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, most clearly, most definitively, most movingly portrays the experience of a former slave? It is up to you to decide, so please defend your answer well.

Final Discussion Question #2

The poetry of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman has been described as being emotionally opposite to each other. Dickinson’s poetry seems at times colder and more critical; whereas Whitman’s poetry conversely seems warm and expansive. First of all, do you agree? If so, then, develop for me a case that one of them or both are representative of American literature. Make your case and defend it.

Here is what you need to read to get your quotes and information from.

Read Douglass, Narrative of the Life Whitman, Read Jacobs, Incidents in the Life, Read “Song of Myself,Read Dickinson Poem (320) There’s a certain slant of light (Links to an external site.), (372) After great pain, a formal feeling comes (Links to an external site.), & (764) My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun

Each question should be answered separately. They will need to be written kind of like an essay. It needs to have an Introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.This needs to have quotes from what you read. I will post some things from the instructor below that will help with the writing.

To accomplish this goal, we’ll use one basic format for structuring paragraphs. We call that format the paragraph plan, and it contains three basic elements

main idea (also called the topic sentence of a paragraph–each paragraph has only one main idea in academic writing)

cited evidence (quotes from the literature and/or facts cited from the additional resources–not: all evidence must be cited in MLA format)

analysis (where you explain for the reader how and why the main idea and cited evidence fit together to support your over-arching thesis, the point you’ll argue in answer to each of our questions and essays in the class.Now, at this point, you may now have the main ideas or analysis in sight. That’s ok. The point is that you have read, taken notes, and completed a key step in the process–pulling out key quotes. The next time you return to your work for this class, you will be poised and ready for the next step–filling out the rest of the paragraph plan for 3-5 body paragraphs for the midterm and final essays.

Once you have the evidence in place, use the question you are writing about to guide your critical thinking process through filling out the rest of the body paragraph–main idea and analysis. You may discover that not all quotes work or that you need more evidence or that you want to reorganize quotes. That’s great. Making changes are all signs of an active and engaged critical learning process.

With the body paragraphs fairly well sketched out, you are ready to move to the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction should start broad and narrow to a thesis statement, and that thesis statement shows the reader your over-arching point, or the theme that your body paragraphs will outline and evidence. Thus, you want to make sure your thesis foreshadows the main ideas that your body paragraphs will evidence.

For the conclusion, you’ll want to restated what you just evidenced in those body paragraphs, then maybe look ahead and offer a closing point or an idea for moving forward.

All work must be cited and THIS NEEDS TO BE IN MLA format.

Please if you have any questions ask. I have paid for this question once and wasnt happy with the outcome so please if you have any doubts just ask me.

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