Questions : 1. (2 point) What are online communities? 2. (4 points) How do online communities differ from traditional communities? 3. (4 points) Why does Cass Sunstein believe that the Internet has both democracy-enhancing and democracy-threatening features? 4. (2 point) Why does Sunstein believe that Internet filters “undermine deliberative democracy”? 5. (2 point) What is a virtual environment? 6. (2 point) How does Philip Brey define virtual reality (VR)? 7. (4 points) How are VR applications distinguishable from other kinds of applications and forums that also comprise virtual environments? 8. (4 points) What does Sherry Turkle mean when she says that the computer is a medium for self-discovery and self-expression? 9. (4 points) What does J. David Bolter mean by a “defining technology” and by the expression “Turing’s man”? 10. (2 point) What is artificial intelligence (or AI)? Make sure to: 1) copy and paste the questions to a word document. 2) keep questions in bold font. 3) Answers should be in regular (not bold) font. each answer should follow its question.

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