Name _______________________________________ Listed below are points for a speech outline. Unscramble them and place them in the correct position on the form on the next page. 1 .        There  are  existing  organizations  that  students  can  support  to  help  curb  sexual assault rates. 1. Student crime watch patrols could help curb rates of theft and assault at night. 2. Per capita rates of sexual assault are higher on campus than in many of our larger cities. 3. Today we’ve discussed the growing problem of crime on campus, and what we, as students, can do about it. 4. Only  you  can  lessen  the  chances  that  someday  you  or  someone  you  love  might become another victim. 5. As  a  victim  of  campus  crime  myself,  I’ve  become  intimately  concerned  with  this issue, and I have done some research to see how bad the problem really is. 6. Only organized student involvement can help stem the tide of crime on campus. 7. We students should conduct a campaign against campus crime. 8. Last year, seven cars and forty-two bicycles were stolen on campus. 9. “Take  Back  the  Night”  has  been  working  to  raise  rape  awareness  and  its  effects on women for years. 10.  The problem of campus crime has been growing steadily for years. 11.  Can  anyone  imagine  being  robbed  or  even  raped  at  gun-point  in  your  own  dorm building? 12.  Student representatives could help pressure the administration to tighten campus security measures. 13.  Rates of physical and violent assaults reported have increased 17% since 1990. 14.  Today, I’m going to talk to you about the growing problem of crime on campus and offer some solutions we can take to help stem the tide. 15.   “Men Against Rape” needs volunteers to escort women on campus during evening hours. 16.  Students   could   form   a   campus-wide   “crime   watch”   program   that   works   in cooperation with campus security. 17.  To persuade my audience to conduct a campaign against campus crime. 19.  Student crime watch patrols could help make everyone feel safer. Unscrambled Outline Specific purpose: Thesis statement: Introduction I. (A ttention strategy) II. (C redibility strategy) III. (P review) Body I. A. B. C. II. A. B. 1. 2. C. 1. 2. Conclusion I. (Summary statement) II.(Concluding remarks)

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