Topic: Promoting Lola’s Independence Task: Case Study Reference: APA 6th Edition Min Reference Count: 14 Word Count: 2000 Words Duration: 14 hours Task Description For this task, you are required to read a case study question and address the concerns raised. I have attached support documents to guide your approach of this paper in kind. My friend has sent the below message to help elaborate further this paper in kind. She says, “Assignment details are on page 13-23. (Lola’s Independence). I need 30/40 to pass this unit. “Attached are some images make sure you have a look at them .in these images under template my teacher has given examples on how to do it properly…you will have a very good idea when you see them …it is step by step on how to do this case study” In last step of template you need to do referrals to community regarding lolas issue… one referral for one issue …such as for poor nutrition we need to refer lola to dietician in community…you need to provide name of the service. Phone number , how much it will cost lola i.e whether its free or bulk billed or lola has to pay for it …please make referrals in Melbourne region as i am from Melbourne …community service has to be real and not superficial as my teacher will check it online or even can call them…also you need to mention how the service will help lolas issue and other co morbities … Also please send me a draft when its half way , so can i can confirm whether we are on right track… (For this section, use the following details; for each issue you have mentioned you need to refer lola to some sort of service which is available in cummunity that will help lola with perticular issue and other co need to provide the name of service and number. For example issue is poor Nutrition as lola doestnot cook much these days . you will refer her to Nutritionist or dietician . There are lots of dietician or nutritionist services available in community. OR you can refer her to a service who provides meal a home or provides a carer who will go to lolas home and help her with meal. for instance Called KinCare (1300763510).here we have mentioned name of service which is KINCARE and we have given their number aswell.then we will explain how this service will help lola. The organization will provide a caregiver that would take care of Lola while at home and help her make healthy meal choices. The RATES for the giver would include government subsidized costs that Lola will discuss once she has met with the caregiver and they agree. then you will explain through reseach that how heathy meal choice help older generation with their co morbities. example lola has got osteo porosis.she needs to have healthy diet to keep bone strong(with refernces) and also it will increase her energy level as lately she is feeling tired due to not eating properly . aslo she goes not see Max daily so she need to have high energy diet.etc….. out of 4 referrals 1 of the referral need to be made through Common Wealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). this program provides a wide range of services. but you can use it only in one Referrali was checking this site and found out regarding meal services at home City of Whittlesea – Delivered Meals Phone: (03) 8401 6232 and it is government subsidized. For nutritionist and dietician i was looking at AlfredHealth (03)90763063…… just confirming, did you actually check in pictures teacher has explained in template itself(In white portion). in images she has given instructions , furthermore in pictures the template(white portion) she actually has attended one of issues herself. Most importantl, fill in the first three columns and as for referral, we can mutually discuss further. Thanks and Regards

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