1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Select a product you are familiar with. Based on your knowledge of the product life cycle, what types of changes will occur to your selected product as it continues through the product life cycle? How will this affect the marketing of your selected product?

2. Respond to the following classmates:


11 hours ago, at 7:43 AM


The product that I choose to discuss Lunchables. I chose this product be cause I have young children in school, and they love for me to buy lunchables for their lunch. Kraft and Oscar Mayer teamed up to make Kraft brand Lunchables; co-branding.

Lunchables were first introduced in 1988. Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables are first introduced to supermarkets in 1988 as an extension of the decade’s popular TV dinner concept. At this time, the product was only offered with lunch meat, cheese, and either crackers or bread. The products were mainly targeted at working women with children. As the years went by, Lunchables started adding additional products in the lunchables to keep the life cycle of the product going. In 1991, they added desserts, in 1994 they added drinks, in 2011 fruit was added, and in 2012 fruit smoothies were added. They also targeted the teen crowd by introducing Lunchable Uploaders. The Uploaders included deep dish pizzas, nachos, and mini sub sandwiches. The Uploaders are similar to the regular lunchables, they are just provided in a larger quantity to fulfill a teenager.



3. Respond to the following classmates:


23 hours ago, at 7:41 PM


Good evening class, the product that I choose was Ruffles Potato Chips. I choose this particular has been around since 1948. Ruffles has introduced a number of flavors over time. The creations of new and interesting flavors keeps the company among the top in the potato chip industry. The life cycle changes helps the Ruffles Chips to continue to grow. The various life cycles and waves in the industry help keep the company growing. I enjoy eating Ruffles and trying the new flavors that they come up with. They even have contest where they ask the public to come up with new and interesting flavor and then they have a vote on it. This helps keeps the excitement growing and gets consumers involved in the marketing. This is a great marketing strategy and give the company a chance to really get a great feedback on the market research. The company can then use this information to create new ideas that will benefit the company in growing and creating new trends. New trends can make a difference for any business.

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