Posting Daily Notes: Reading the assigned readings and screening media at home are essential components of this course. As such, you are required to post your daily notes to our Canvas site, using the Daily Notes Assignment Link. There are two sets of questions: one for readings and one for screenings. These postings will help you to synthesize and organize your thoughts about what you learn. As importantly, they will assist you with your attendance grade, the mid-term exam, and the final essay! They are due, at minimum, ten minutes before class starts. As with the readings, it is mandatory to bring a copy of these notes to class.

Reading the book ( The file i upload) and write daily notes( The daily notes template is below)

The book is about Black Internationalist Roots of the Black Freedom Movement.

Media Form: Political Cartoon and Black Press

Daily Notes Template for Readings [Template for Screenings Below]

Please add your notes and respond to each section below. You do not have to write in complete sentences (unless you want to), but you do have to write in complete thoughts that I can comprehend. Please do not exceed one-page per daily posting for the readings. If there is more than one reading, use an abbreviation to distinguish the author (ex. for Schmitt, Sch. or Daulatzai, D.)

List main ideas, concepts, arguments and any key* example (s):

List any connections to other texts or media we’ve seen and/or how this text fits into our class:

List your own thoughts about the text (agreement, alternatives, counter points, confusion, inspiration, etc.) and choose one important passage from the text based on your thoughts.

(You can list the page number for longer quotes):

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