Creating Nutrition Education Materials For this assignment you will be creating two pieces of nutrition education material to be used in your nutrition education program. You will also be presenting a plan for delivering your nutrition education using the Web. Follow the guidelines below for this project: Written Material Create one piece of written material to be used in your program to deliver your message. It should be 1-2 pages in length and can be a handout, brochure, booklet or other type of format as approved by your instructor. Use the design principles outlined in your text. Visual Material Create one piece of visual material using PowerPoint to be used in your program to deliver your message. It should be a minimum of 10 slides. Use the design principles outlined in your text. What objectives does each of your pieces of nutrition education serve? How will you ensure they will be motivating? How did you use art and design principles to enhance the quality of each? How did you ensure that they are culturally appropriate? You have been provided funding to deliver your nutrition education program using the Web. What approach will you take and how will you deliver the information? How will you incorporate your two pieces of material in this multimedia format? Prepare a 3-5 page paper following APA guidelines, based on the above requirements (not including title page and reference page) and list at least three scholarly references. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference. Include your two pieces of nutrition education materials as an appendix. Upload the completed paper to the Unit 7 Assignment Dropbox. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username-NS600-section-unit7 Project/ The topic is Nutrition & Performance in Teens, 19137. I have the papers needed to work from done already.

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