Task: Explication “Summer Day” poem. Length: 5 pages

(1) A process letter that discuses your difficulties and/or successes writing the essay (half page)

(2) Poem Explication “Summer Day” (5 pages)

Do Not Use “I” Or “You” For This Essay

What should I be explicating? –> In general, when explication, one explores the text of the poem–specifically such things as the poet’s use of metaphor, simile, symbols, personification, paradox, hyperbole, imagery, form/structure. and music (alliteration, assonance, consonance, end rhyme, internal rhyme). Keep in mind, however, that one does not need to cover all of these things (nor does each poem utilize every one of these devices). It is not your job to offer a shopping list of every figurative or musical device in a poem but, instead, to closely examine those that are most relevant to the poem. Each “item” on this list is most certainly relevant, but instead of just of just listing items, you need to explore each facet on its own and show your reader its relevance. For example, the discussion of the sonnet form is very useful if you are demonstrating how the poet uses the conventions of that structure to explore (a) the questions theme brought up in the poem and/or (b) how the poet addresses them.

Structure: For this essay, Do not provide a formal introduction and a thesis statement placed at the beginning of your essay–just jump right in and explicate the poem. State your thesis in your conclusion. This way you will have argued towards your conclusion/ thesis.

Citation: Since you will be writing about a single poem– and you will be providing the title of the poem and the author’s name i your introduction– you only need to cite the line number each time you quote from the poem you have chosen to explicate. EX: As the poem begins, Frost encounters “a dimpled spider, fat and white” on a white heal-all (1).

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