Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible.

Make sure to number each answer – Write “1” for your Q 1 answer, and “2” for your Q2 answer. Within each question, there are sub-questions A, B sometimes a C, and it would be very helpful if you also have separate small paragraphs for each of these sub-answers (follow the same format in your answers as the questions are written). The more clearly you answer each part of each question, the easier it will be for our class GA to read and score your answers, which are based on both quality of your content and quality of your writing skills.


1. About your personality – what you and others perceive about you

A. If I asked 3 people, who know you best, how do you think they would describe your personality? It could be easier to write the answer if you write something like Person 1 (or use first name) thinks or perceives me to be like this ….. Person 2 (use name if you like) thinks/perceives me to be like this….etc.

B. Based on what you wrote above, do these individuals perceive your personality similarly or differently based on your relationships with each person?

C. Based on what you know about your own personality and how a few close other individuals perceive you, how can this information help you be more successful in working with and leading others in the future? Are there aspects of your personality behavior you would need to change (do more of something, less of something)?

2. Click on the Strength Finders Descriptions. Please read the descriptions of all the various Strengths that have been profiled in the article.

A. Please list what you believe are your top 4-5 strengths in order of how you perceive them being your strength.

B. Once you have listed your top 4-5 strengths, then provide a brief example of how you have exemplified each strength whether in your personal life or in your work environment.

Example – Developer Strength means you do your best to develop other people’s talents and skills, so you would describe an example if that were a top strength of your’s. Another example is Woo Strength means you are able to influence and win over people ( a great skill in sales, negotiation and conflict resolution), so you would describe an example if that were a top strength of your’s.

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