Make sure to number each answer – Write “1” for your Q 1 answer, and “2” for your Q2 answer. Within each question, there are sub-questions A, B and it would be very helpful if you also have separate small paragraphs for each of these sub-answers (follow the same format in your answers as the questions are written). The more clearly you answer each part of each question, the easier it will be for our class GA to read and score your answers, which are based on both quality of your content and quality of your writing skills.


1. To answer this question, you need to Read the powerpoint on leadership and view the posted leadership videos. (Rosebeth Moss Kanter)

Please choose a leader you admire – this person can be living or dead, a famous individual from history, politics, military or business or not famous at all, it could be a leader in your family, a friend, your own boss, or even you, or it could be a mythical person (think Zeus from Greek Mythology) or even a comic book character – you get to choose whichever leader you admire.

Based on this person/character, review the various leadership theories/models in CH 14 as well as the posted leadership videos, and Provide at least one fairly detailed example of how your leader has applied at least one of these theories or models to lead others. (Some of the models or theories discussed in your text include the classical people/task model, Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership, LMX Theory, House Path-Goal, Vroom-Jago Leadership-Participation Model, Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence.).

2. Please read pages 444-445 in your textbook, Case 4, “Timberland – From Bootmaker to Earthkeeper.”

A. What do you believe CEO, Jeffrey Swarz has done to make him an effective leader? What advice can you offer him to make him even more successful as a leader?

B. Please discuss if you would like to work for a leader like Swarz or an organization like Timberland, Why or Why not?

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