In this paper you will take the role of a management team that is presenting to the company’s upper management. Your team is proposing the implementation of a specific MIS system to solve a business problem. You will choose the business (it does not have to be a real business), the problem that the proposed system is intended to solve, and the type of system that your team is proposing to implement in order to solve the problem. Regardless of the type of solution you are proposing, your presentation must address the following:

  • Information;
  • Information Technology;
  • People.

It is recommended that you review the attached Example Project for a good idea of how the paper should be written.

You must rely on scholarly sources in the written version of your presentation, including reference to all sources in MLA format 3 1/2 to 4 pages.

The system created will be a HR System that will streamline the hiring /onboarding process as well as the backend HR Needs:

What I am thinking as far as functions. A main system landing page with all of the different areas within the system as well as a search bar to search a candidate / employee by name, email, address, or phone number or ssn . Once the candidates/employee pulls up with a brief overview of their personal information. You should be able to click on the name and a literal pipeline opens up showing where they are in the process as well as the page that needs to be completed ex: i9, or direct deposit/ performance review. the back office part need to make it extremely easy to approve, review, or update time entries. and have a place on there where it will show the employees tenure and next performance review. Some other things that could be included would be time off requests, schedule availability, payroll reports, and attendance reports.

The system functions and area to talk about are: (You will need to explain the function of each area / how it will work/ how it will help/ the importance of the change.

  • Employee on-boarding
  • Paid time off accruals
  • Time off requests
  • Cost-Benefits
    • The benefits of creating the system/ how it will save the company money.

    I also provided the table of content for your reference .

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