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The  statement that “we cannot terminate the project now as we have already  spent 50% of the project budget” is a fallacy.  Why would a financially  responsible company “throw good money after bad?”  The reality is that  sometimes projects fail.  These failed projects need to be terminated  prior to their planned completion dates. 

Why Projects Fail

Projects fail for numerous reasons.  Hasan (2019) states that several  factors can contribute to project failure.  These factors include lack  of proper scope; communication issues; poor planning; unrealistic  expectations; incompetent project manager and team; and poor risk  management and oversight.  Of course, there are many other reasons why a  project may fail.  The important thing is for the company to  acknowledge that the project has failed and to decide if it needs to be  terminated. 

Reasons Why Projects Need to be Terminated

According to Meredith, Mantel, & Shafer (2017), projects need to be terminated if any of the following situations occur:

  • The project takes on a life of its own
  • Project activity slows so that no meaningful work is happening
  • The project is indefinitely delayed
  • Project requirements exceed the company’s technical capabilities and outsourcing is too costly (Meredith et al., 2017)

Bowen (2018) states that once the company decides that a project  needs to be terminated, the company must follow project termination  procedures.  These procedures are usually included in the original  project plan.  The most important step of these procedures is the  creation of a final report.  The final report provides a written record  of the project, why it failed, and any lessons learned in the process  (Bowen, 2018). 


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Hi Everyone,

Any project, at any time, can be terminated. Meredith, Samuel J.  Mantel, & Shafer, 2017 states that there are four fundamentally  different ways to close out a project. Closure by extinction, closure by  addition, closure by integration and closure by starvation. Termination  by extinction occurs when the project is stopped due to its either  successful or unsuccessful conclusion (Woodard, 2015). Terminating a  project after 50% of the budget has been spent is closure by extinction.  The project has been deemed to be unsuccessful, failed testing, better  alternatives became available or it simply will take too long and cost  far too much to continue to complete. Not all projects make it to the  end, and this necessitates frequent reviews during their life cycles.  Important decisions are made at these review points to hold, fold or  continue with the project, if it is feasible to do so.

When termination occurs without completing objectives, there are  several emotional elements involved for those connected to the project.  The most obvious is that the termination represents a failure for those  involved (Woodard, 2015). Emotional response is probably the number one  reason why a project manager would not want to close out a project by  extinction on the unsuccessful side. It is important for organizations  to have systems in place to help individuals and teams cope with project  termination. Although the termination may be purely a business  decision, it is incumbent on everyone involved to share in the “pain”  associated with termination, no matter its cause and effect.


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