already have most of the data I just need to organize it and put it in one lab report in one word file. no hand written. follow the steps in lab report write up.

I need write-up for lab report.

# Include the following sections in your lab report write-up:

  • Title page – Include title of lab, name, date etc.( RC Time Constant )
  • Objectives – Can be bulleted list.
  • Equipment – Include list of all items used. Also in include sketch of apparatus, photograph is OK. ( two different resistors and one capacitor )
  • Introduction/Theory – Describe the underlying physics of the lab and any background information.
  • Equations – List all equations in your calculations. Be sure to define all variable and include units. Number each equation and refer to it in the text.
  • Procedure – Sequential list of the steps you took to complete the lab.
  • Results – Include any plots, tables etc. For plots, be sure all numbers and axes are easy to read. Label axes including units.
  • Discussion/Conclusion – Summarize your results. If an unexpected result was observed, what went wrong? Describe possible sources of error/uncertainty. Include how you would improve the experiment if you were to repeat it.
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