1. What is the “camera obscura?”

2. Describe the different types of “representational” photographs.

3. Discuss the importance of photojournalism and (photographic) social realism.

4. Explain how the following terms are used in “reading” photographs : content, theme, time/place, framing, focus, value, lines, angles, space

5. What were the characteristics of the “Progressive Era” (i.e. why was the era called “The Progressive Era”)?

6. What was America like before industrialization? Why was the “Homestead Act important?

7. What three groups of people came to the cities after industrialization and why did they come? How did this impact the cities? How were they treated in the cities?

8. How did social engineering, Fordism, and Taylorism change industrial production?

9. Who were the Muckrakers? How did they help make changes in the cities? What did Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine, and Upton Sinclair focus on?

10. How did social workers and women’s organizations help make changes in the cities? What impact did Jane Addams, Margaret Sanger and the women suffragette’s have on “Municipal Housekeeping (and what is municipal housekeeping)?

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