Goal: Reflect the importance of constructing a well thought-out argument.


Constructing a well thought-out and logical argument is extremely difficult. By going through the rigorous critical thinking process you can demonstrate sound thinking while also being persuasive. Please write a well thought-out blog post and consider the following:

– Choose a topic of your choice and construct a brief argument. Example from the Week 6 Lesson: school uniforms.

– Use either Classical, Rogerian, or Toulmin. You do not have to have mastered these types of argument, give it a good try.

– Incorporate what you learned from Week 5 and 6 Lessons, the textbook, and Readings and Resources.

– Consider the Week 6 trigger questions (you do not have to directly respond directly to all of them).

Blog Post Forum Guidelines:

For the Forum Blog Post, the initial response is due by Saturday at 11:55 p.m. EST and must be 250+ words in length. For this forum topic, peer replies are not required. Before you post, please thoroughly edit your writing to ensure it is professional and academic.

For more details about the initial post and peer replies are graded, see the attached grading rubric.

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