Read the reflections of your classmate and analyze the arguments that they have presented, paying close attention to how the conclusion follows from the premises. Discuss whether you agree with their analysis of each argument and present further ideas on how each argument could be improved. 5 sentences.

Argument #1: U.S. Home Prices

Source: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

U.S. home prices climbed steadily in July.

Sales of homes decreased in July.

Therefore, a limited supply of houses is distorting the real estate market.

This argument, to me, seems invalid because the conclusion does not support the premises. For this argument to be valid, it would first need to prove the relation between decreasing sales and a limited supply of homes. It could be possible that there is not a limited supply of homes, rather, there is a limited supply of buyers. Therefore, this argument is not valid in my opinion.

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