1. What is the default file extension for a file saved in Word 365? A. .doc365 B. .docext C. .docx D. .doc 2. Formulas within table cells always begin with A. parentheses. B. a symbol that looks like a backwards F. C. theAutoSum symbol. D. an equals sign. 3. How do you change the top and bottom margins of an entire document? A. Click on the Tools tab and then on Options. B. Click the Page Layout tab and then the Orientation button. C. Click the Page Layout tab and then the Margins button. D. Click on the View tab and then on Header and Footer. 4. In Word, a red wavy underline indicates a/an A. hard page break. B. possible grammatical error. C. possible misspelled word. D. AutoCorrect suggestion. 5. Default tab stops are set in Word every _______ inch. A. 1 B. 3/4 C. 1/4 D. 1/2 6. Which of the following menu commands would you select to make a copy of an open file and rename it? A. SaveAs B. Replace C. Copy D. Versions 7. When pointed over text within a paragraph, the cursor takes the shape of a/an A. four-headed arrow. B. left-pointing arrow. C. right-pointing arrow. D. I-beam. 8. What screen enables you to customize how files will be saved on your computer? A. Save As Options B. Save Options C. Auto Options D. Word Options 9. You’re working in a table that has three columns and five rows. Since the first row will be a header row, you want it to span all three columns. What formatting feature should you use? A. Combine cells B. Connect cells C. Merge cells D. Autofit cells 10. Which icon allows you to add a style to a chart? A. 3 B. 1 C. 4 D. 2 11. Ned and Mary Ann are saving their files to a CD. When prompted, Ned will click on Burn file to disc, indicate the recording speed, and click Burn to disc. When prompted, Mary Ann will click on Burn files to disc, indicate how she’ll use the files, click on Burn to disc, and indicate the recording speed. Who is correctly saving their files to a CD? A. Both Mary Ann and Ned B. Only Mary Ann C. Only Ned D. Neither Mary Ann nor Ned 12. Once you’ve saved a block of text or graphics for easy insertion in other documents, you’ll see it in the _______ gallery. A. Photo Space B. Quick Parts C. ClipArt D. Multimedia Online 13. You send a report to your boss for feedback and she returns it to you with her edits noted in the electronic file. This Word feature is called A. Track Changes. B. Online Edits. C. Online Markup. D. Markup Changes. 14. Angela and Jose saved files to a USB drive as well as on their computers’ hard drive. Angela says when she makes changes to a file on the USB drive, the same file on her computer will update. Jose says that the files on the USB drive won’t be in sync with the files on his computer. Who is correct? A. Both are correct. B. Only Jose is correct. C. Neither is correct. D. Only Angela is correct. 15. Suppose you want to view a document that has several headings. What view would you use? A. Outline B. Draft C. Web D. Read 16. How do you access the dictionary and thesaurus in Word? A. Click the Dictionary/Thesaurus icon in the upper-left page. B. In the Insert tab, click the Help icon to the left of the Spelling & Grammar tool. C. In the View tab, click the Dictionary icon. D. In the Review tab, click the Define icon next to the Spelling & Grammar tool. 17. If you want to insert a column into an existing table, what would you do? A. Click one of the insert buttons in the Data group of the Layout tab. B. Click one of the insert buttons in the Rows & Columns group of the Layout tab. C. Click in the Table Style Options group of the Design tab. D. Click Column in the Insert tab. 18. If you press the Tab key when you’re in in the last cell of a table, A. the cell is divided. B. a new row is added. C. a new table is added. D. a new column is added. 19. The _______ is the area on your screen where you can access the tab and menu options for Word. A. Navigation bar B. Ribbon C. Status bar D. Backstage view 20. What is the purpose of OneDrive? A. OneDrive al…

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