Identify the proper phase in the PDCA cycle for each security administration task. Explain with proper reasoning how a specific administrative task helped in securing the environment. 200 words, APA format, Remember that you must cite your sources (use both an in-text citation and a formatted reference). Don’t copy and paste large blocks of text. Tell us what you think in your own words. Dont use  discussion, Wikipedia,  and similar sites for discussion. Use only primary sources whenever possible. Sample Discussion for reference: Identify  the proper phase in the PDCA cycle for each security administration  task discussed in the lab. Explain with proper reasoning how a specific  administrative task helped in securing the environment Submit to this discussion board. The  security administration or PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) process is the  process of applying security controls within the IT infrastructure. The  process of security administration is not singly implemented; somewhat,  it is a cyclic process whose stages are constantly implemented for  security administration.  The phases and their explanations are as  below; Plan  – Reflect what you require to attain or meet your security objective  and institute processes and objectives to achieve that goal. A  description document will be formed during the process of planning.   It  also specifies how to measure the results to define if goals are met. Do – Implement the processes proven in the Plan phase. Check  – make sure the plan comprises clear meanings of a failure or success.  The phase of check contains activities done to assess the results of the  Do phase to confirm that the taken actions meet the distinct success  standards. Act  – this means taking an action to retort to any unpredicted or undesired  performance in the Check phase. Evaluate the changes between projected  results and dignified results. Define the cause of any variances and go  back to the Plan phase to create a plan to advance performance. The  security administration process entails any activities that support  directly the security policy of an organization. The security  administration actions keep the environment of the Windows secure.   Every security control organized should address directly a security  policy objective. Every goal in the security policy should back up one  or several of the A-I-C Triad features-integrity, availability and  confidentiality. As controls are established and positioned, be sure to  guard all three aspects for data at multiple layers. Any security  property unaddressed makes data susceptible to attack. General   security administration activities are inclusive and not limited to:  providing input for adequate  policies use, , enforce physical security  standards, enforce password controls, deploy controls to attain  encryption necessities, keep software current, applying backup policies,   ensure antimalware controls are up-to-date and in strength, monitor  network  and system performance. These activities assist in making  environment and IT network secure.

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