NAEYC Substandard 2a: Knowing about and understanding diverse family and community characteristics

NAEYC Substandard 2b: Supporting and engaging families and communities through respectful, reciprocal relationships

CDEC 1319: Child Guidance Portfolio

Instructions: The portfolio will be comprehensive project of all topics covered during the semester. Each student must submit the portfolio in a PowerPoint presentation. This assignment is intended to be prepared individually, not in groups or teams.

Important note: This assignment is expected to be completed independently. The work you submit must be in your own words and must be an original creation. Any collaboration will be seen as scholastic dishonesty. If you have any question about this assignment, contact the instructor.

Child Guidance Portfolio

Title Page: The title page should include the following: title of your portfolio, student name, course name and number, and due date. Be creative!

Table of Contents: The table of contents needs to provide a brief “snapshot of what is contained in your portfolio.

Part 1: Understanding Children’s Behavior and Parenting Practices

1.1. Parent Interviews: Interview five (5) parents and ask them the following: 1) What is meant by discipline? 2) What is meant by positive child guidance? 3) Is there a difference between discipline and positive child guidance? Record each parent’s response separately. No not use parents names on your report.

Then, write a brief summary in response to the following: 1) What did you learn from the parents’ responses? 2) How can you help educate parents in “guiding” their children?

2. 2. Parenting Style: Considering the following two (2) parenting styles (Authoritarian and Permissive), write a brief summary of how you might work with a parenting representing each one of these parenting styles, recognizing that authoritative is the preferred parenting style. In your summary, be sure to ask yourself: What would be the challenges of working with this parent? What would be the benefits? How could you encourage the parent to use a more authoritative parenting style?

1.3. Typical Children’s Behavior: Create a handout for parents with typical behaviors of children with respect to the typical ages and stages (infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children). For instance, why do babies cry? Or, why do toddlers feel so attached to an object? (Note: You are required to have a handout for each age group specified i.e. one for infants, one for toddler, one for preschoolers and one for school-age children.)

1.4. Respecting Cultural Diversity: List four (4) multicultural children’s books for preschool aged children that you consider to be excellent stories. Provide a brief description (2-4 sentences) of each book. Each book should demonstrate one of the following: women in nontraditional roles, people of color in leadership roles, people with disabilities doing activities familiar to children, and nontraditional types of families. Books must be cited using APA format (American Psychological Association) and an example is below. For reference about APA format, please feel free to visit the website below, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.An additional site you may choose to use is

Book must be cited in the APA format.

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher.

Examples using one or two authors.

Gray, L. (1993). Miss Tizzy. New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks-Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division

Calfee, R. C., & Valencia, R. R. (1991). APA guide to preparing manuscripts for journal publication. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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