In this assignment, you will select a topic for your Models of Service Delivery Paper. You will also write a summary of two sources. Stay away from non-credible sources such as Wikipedia, blogs, etc. PLEASE

Topic Selection:
Select a problem that is currently receiving the attention of the helping professions.  Topics ideas include: substance abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, psychological disabilities/mental health, veterans, etc.).  You are free to select any topic you are interested in so long as you can apply all three models to your topic. I CHOSE MENTAL HEALTH…

Assignment Requirements: 1. Conduct research on that topic, finding at least two credible sources, and provide background information about your topic. What is the topic? Who is affected by the problem you selected? What are underlying causes of the problem? You should show a clear understanding of the topic you selected based on your research (not opinion).

2. Complete the Information Literacy Assignment chart which will include 2 scholarly sources. This assignment should be focused on the sources you used to explore your paper topic. After selecting credible, reliable, scholarly resources, you will need to address each column in the template to provide a summary of your sources as follows:  Resource in APA Format: Cite each source using proper APA format.  Summary of the Resource: Each source must be described in about 150 words that addresses the main ideas, credibility, and reliability of the source.  How This Article Relates to Paper Topic: In a short description, share how this resource connects to the topic you will be exploring for your Models of Human Services Delivery paper in order to justify your selection of this article. Below is a preview of the template that is required for this assignment

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