This Essay needs to be written in high quality and follow are the details. This essay should be 1500 words.

– First watch the lecture- agenda setting (Attached)…

– Read the articles -Cobb and Ross (1997) (Attached)

Film: Hot Politics
Watch online at:

Reflect on how our readings/discussion thus far on agenda setting relate to the content of the film. Consider the following questions:

  • What types of regulatory policies (or proposals for new regulatory polices) do you see in this film?
  • Do you see any evidence of “Iron Triangles” in this film? Explain.
  • How does agenda setting function in this film? Specifically:

o Who is trying to push issues onto the agenda, and how?
o Who is proposing definitions for the problem?
o How do different problem definitions compete with one another?o How are evidence and expertise used to support different problem


o Do focusing events play a role? If so, how?

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