Choose a business in the media having difficulties with its operating model or one which is struggling in your community. Company selected was Adidas shoes

  1. What are the difficulties identified?
  2. What operation model is Adidas using?

Evaluate how all or some of the items from the Operations Consulting Tool Kit in Operations and Supply Chain Management could help this business get back on track.

  1. Operations Consulting Tool Kit but made generalized statements not applying the tools to Adidas as a business.

Determine the resources and data you will need to deploy an operations consulting engagement with this business.

Develop a business case including financial benefits on how operations consulting can have a positive impact on the business.

  1. This should have a financial impact of the implementation of the suggestion made by the consulting.

Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of an operations consulting engagement proposal to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the target firm.

  • Did not use the five by five rule ( no more than 5 words per line and 5 bullets)
  • Please use the speaker notes for additional information APA format


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