Transcultural nurse Guideline :- due date octubre 17 – at least 2 paragraph for case -APA format -at least 1 reference per case 1- While on break from school, Jose, a nursing student, discusses his coursework with his family. His parents are intrigued and ask a lot of questions, especially when he mentions transcultural nursing, something they’ve never heard of before. -How should Jose describe transcultural nursing? What should he include     about the history and theory behind transcultural nursing? 2- Use an example nursing practice setting that incorporates transcultural nursing theory. Choose one of the following: A health clinic with primarily low-income migrant farm workers in rural Texas; an ICU with mainly trauma patients; a telemetry unit with patients with heart disease; or a neonatal ICU with very premature infants. -How does the specific setting impact the need for and delivery of transcultural care 3- Courtney, a nurse on the pediatric floor of a hospital, spent 2 years volunteering through the Peace Corps in Honduras.Describe how her experience may be similar to Leininger’s development of transcultural nursing theory. -How has Courtney’s experience in the Peace Corps potentially enhanced her ability to provide culturally competent care? 4- A nurse on a surgical unit mentions that she would like to know more about various cultures and how to take care of patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. -How could you use the Andrews/Boyle TIP Model to support her wish to provide culturally competent care? -Give an example of how the surgical nurse might use the Andrews/Boyle TIP Model in her everyday practice. 5- Lisa, an emergency room nurse, discusses with her colleagues how important it is to be aware of the immigration trends and the health issues in the United States and the world. She checks the Centers for Disease Control website at least once a week. She also received a care award last year for her compassionate care for all patients. -Discuss the ways that her awareness may influence her nursing      care.Describe at least one additional way that a nurse may continue to learn about cultures. 6- A family who requests privacy five times during the day to pray wants to have a sign on the door during their prayer time. The wife of the patient appears very anxious about the accommodation. The patient is a 45-year-old Muslim man who had a heart attack and is in the step-down telemetry room. – How should the nurse respond in this situation? How should the organization respond. How can organizational and individual cultural assessments affect the plan of care? 7- Ana Maria is a 35-year-old computer intelligence and security expert who recently moved to the United States from Spain. She doesn’t speak or read English well. The nurse describes a need for a Spanish interpreter for interactions with the patient. – What additional information do you need to obtain from the patient and the chart prior to securing a Spanish interpreter? (naver assume that because she is from spain she have to speak spanish)

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