Please respond to this post in 150 words with one reference

#1 Theory of Integral is a theory developed by Barbara Dossey in 2008 which she built on the work of Wilbler (Dinapolis & Tracy, 2012) This theory helps clinicians in implementing interventions focusing on healing, holistic and relationship centered approach (Dinapolis & Tracy, 2012). The benefits of applying the integral theory into practice is that the patient will recognize that the nurse is providing individualized care. The nurse builds a caring relationship with the patient which will help the delivery of holistic care. For instance, the nurse has to be able to acknowledge the clients experience and encourage him to disclose openly his feelings which requires a trusting relationship. This will open the door to educating the client.

Theory of Integral can be difficult because caregivers must spend time on self- assessment and self-healing in order to be prepared to engage clients fully in the delivery of holistic care (Dinapolis & Tracy, 2012). The article explains the benefits of implementing the theory of integral and what it encompasses in detail, which helps the reader understand it. The article should include research done on the implementation of theory and how it has changed the clinical practice.

Theory of integral is most related to essential VIII (Clinical prevention and population health for improving health) because this focuses on care and services that are responsive to the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. Theory of integral is a holistic approach which helps the client to be centered for the body, mind and spirit to work synergistically to improve health (Dinapolis & Tracy, 2012). Essential IX: Master- Level nursing practice is also related because as masters- level nurses we possess a great understanding of theory and focus on individualized care (AACN. 2017).

Please respond to this post in 150 words with one reference

#2 The Theory of Integral Nursing highlights 3 major elements affecting the implementation of concept in to the medical training. All those elements are inadequate concept knowledge, inadequate management assistance to motivate the improvement of theory based interventions, and the hectic task oriented weather of countless nursing configurations. Among the strengths of this post is the fact that (Dinapoli and Tracey, 2008) explains various methods which may be utilized by nursing staff as well as medical providers to enhance pain control interventions such as for instance effective listening, publicly talking with the individuals about the pain experience of theirs, getting them in the plan of theirs of care, and also show nurturing as well as developing loyalty. One more benefit of the principle is the fact that provides nurses the chance to act on the desire of theirs to produce a therapeutic environment for customers with the synthesis as well as application of knowledge rooted in quadrant and metaparadigmatic realities. On the flip side you will find many weakness which interfere with converting the essential theory ideas into training. For instance lots of nurses keep on describing obstacles which impede the management of the client ‘s pain; the absence of use of the principle to training, bad time management as well as inadequate establishment of nurse client rapport.

Among the Essentials which I might connect with this content is Quality Safety and Improvement, that claims that nurses should be attentive and accurate to the performance requirements and steps, equipment, and strategies regarding quality. Quality improvement is a consistent process which encompasses all organizational levels as the major goal of its is improving patient outcomes. To be able to offer quality care, we the nursing staff are accountable for executing a precise assessment of the issue to find the demand for improvement. Another MSN Crucial that I am able to connect with this content is important VIII. This Essential tells about clinical prevention and population health for enhancing overall health. It says that nurses are required to use as well as incorporate culturally proper, client centered, organizational, along with wide ideas analysis, delivery, management, and preparation of public services as well as proper care of individuals and families.

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