COPY AND PASTE LINK.. SIGN IN ITS OKAY 8TH AND 9TH EDITION US SIMILAR Caring throughout the lifespan (Chapters 8-14) Video: You will find all information to answer this assignment in Chapter 8-14 of your Fundamentals of nursing textbook 9th edition. All references and citations for this assignment should be from this textbook ONLY. Answers without citations will not be graded. The  assignment has a video to watch. Please watch the video and provide an  answer based on what the video states . You might have to copy and paste  the video link. Elaborate each of your answers with information from  your textbook and include citations from the text book. Some questions  have a video link that specifically addresses that topic and will help  you answer the questions. ALL VIDEOS IN ASSIGNMENTS CAN ALSO BE ACCESSED IN MULTI-MEDIA LINKS Answers that do not include citations will result in a zero grade for the whole assignment. **Please remember that all answers should be in your own words** I understand that asking everyone to add a page  number is not your traditional  APA that most are used to, however as  your instructors, we require this in order to verify where you are  getting your information. {Research has found that “romantic  partners maintain both biased and realistic views of a core relationship  trait: physical attractiveness” ((Potter, Perry, Hall, & Stockert, 2017, pp. 200-210). OR Potter, Perry, Hall, & Stocker (2017)  found that “romantic partners maintain both biased and realistic views  of a core relationship trait: physical attractiveness” (p. 210.} We do require that you provide a complete APA reference at the end of each answer. Most are doing this, however, there are some that are not.You do not have to include the page number in this reference, only in your intext citation.See examples below. Answers that do not contain correct references will not be graded. Example below {Potter, P. A., Perry, A. G., Hall, A., & Stockert, P. A. (2017). Fundamentals of nursing (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby Elsevier.} Question 1 Points: 4.00 1)  Describe the physical development of children.Include information  on Weight, height, dentition, Language and fine and gross motor  development 2) What type of toys or play activity would you recommend to parents for each age group? 3) How does playtime foster gross motor, fine motor, and language development? 4) What age-appropriate discipline measures for children can you give to new parents Your answer should cover the following stages of development. a) Infancy ( 0-12months) 150 words b) Toddler (1-3)               150 words c) Preschool (3-6)            150 words d) School age (6-12)        150 words e) Adolescence (12-19)    150 words Below is a video lecture to assist you in understanding these age groups This answer should be answered in full with the specified word count Question 2 Points: 1.00 A  nurse has been assigned to perform an assessment on a newborn who is 18  hours old. The student reviews the reflexes that are supposed to be  present. Which reflexes should be present in the newborn? What is the  significance if one reflex is absent? Question 3 Points: 1.00 What are some reasons that young adults engage in risky behavior, and what effect can such behavior have on their development 150 word count Question 4 Points: 1.00 Discuss recommended feeding patterns for a pregnant woman, lactating woman, newborns and older infants. Your answer should detail feeding recommendations for newborns from  birth until 12months. Your answer should detail nutrition  recommendations. Your answer should detail nutrition recommendations for Pregnant women and lactating women. **hint** Look in the ATI Nutrition textbook. For this question ONLY, you can reference t…

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