Nurse 1611-70…………………………. Womens Health Test for RN student Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. The nurse is aware that the risk for a woman being involved in intimate partner violence in this country is: a. 1 in 2. b. 1 in 4. c. 1 in 6. d. 1 in 8. 2. When presenting a talk to high school students on intimate partner violence, the nurse explains that: a. proportionately, more men become homicide victims than do women. b. violence often begins early in a relationship and gets progressively worse. c. intimate partner abuse is generally confined to the lower socioeconomic strata. d. violence occurs randomly without any association with family violence during childhood. 3. A nurse works with a diverse clientele. When discussing intimate partner violence (IPV) with women from differing cultural backgrounds, the nurse should emphasize that: a. rates of IPV are roughly the same among different cultural/ethnic groups. b. women should take advantage of the resources available to victims of IPV. c. although cultural perceptions of abuse may differ, harming others is illegal. d. interventions in IPV situations should not take immigration status into account. 4. A clinic nurse is taking a history from a woman who has vague complaints she can’t describe well. The nurse is frustrated and consults a more experienced nurse who advises checking the chart for: a. chronic illnesses. b. psychiatric problems. c. missed appointments. d. drug or alcohol abuse. 5. A woman seen in the emergency department has facial injuries she states were the result of being hit during an attempted purse-snatching. Which diagnostic finding would lead the nurse to believe the patient’s account is accurate? The patient has: a. a mandibular fracture. b. loose and missing teeth. c. a zygomatic arch fracture. d. an orbital blow out fracture. 6. A woman is complaining of a sore throat and difficulty swallowing over the last several weeks. Her complete blood count (CBC) and rapid strep swab are normal. The nurse should next assess for: a. an intact gag reflex. b. a history of smoking. c. signs of strangulation. d. intimate partner violence. 7. The nurse is counseling a pregnant woman who is in a violent relationship about some of the consequences of intimate partner violence (IPV) during pregnancy. Which statement by the nurse is inconsistent with current knowledge about this situation? a. Violence tends to decrease when a woman is pregnant. b. Babies born to women experiencing violence often are premature. c. Approximately one-third of homicides of pregnant women are related to IPV. d. Kidney infections occur more often in pregnant women experiencing IPV. 8. A woman is experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) and the nurse is trying to assist her to identify resources. The woman states she has no real friends anymore and her family won’t help her. The nurse can most likely conclude that: a. no one believes the woman is being harmed. b. the violence is not as bad as the woman says it is. c. the family and friends are tired of trying to help her. d. the abuser has isolated her and intimidated her support system. 9. The manager of a busy clinic initiates a policy for screening for intimate partner violence (IPV) in accordance with the American Nurses Association (ANA) 2000 position statement. The manager explains to the staff that this means: a. assessing all patients for the presence of IPV at every visit. b. asking women who have injuries if they have been harmed. c. only asking women who share a residence with someone about IPV. d. performing an IPV assessment if the patient shares a concern about it. 10. A nurse is counseling a woman in a violent relationship about ways to keep herself safe. Which recommendation by the nurse is inconsistent with this goal? The nurse tells the patient to: a. change the locks on the doors and install window locks. b. try to leave the house whe…

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