NURS 6541 MIDTERM EXAM  / NURS6541 MIDTERM EXAM / NURS 6541N MIDTERM EXAM (2 VERSIONS) (100 CORRECT Q & A IN EACH VERSION, TOTAL: 200 Q & A) NURS 6541 Midterm Exam / NURS6541 Midterm Exam   (Latest): Primary Care of Adolescents and Children: Walden University · Question 1 When completing this   quiz, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the   expectations for academic integrity? · Question 2 Miguel, age 14, was hit in   the eye with a baseball and developed eye pain, decreased visual acuity, and   injection of the globe. Upon exam you note blood in the anterior chamber and   confirm diagnosis of hyphema. What treatment do you recommend while Miguel is   waiting to see the ophthalmologist · Question 3 The father of a   3-year-old is concerned because the child stutters. What should your approach   be? · Question 4 A 2-day-old   newbornwith conjunctivitis is likely due to · Question 5 You see a 13-year-old who   reports she is learning some basic geometry (areas, volume etc.). The ability   to successfully master these concepts occurs during which Piaget   developmental stage? · Question 6 For adolescent   girls, peak height velocity should occur by Tanner Stage (SMR): · Question 7 Which is the correct   order for introduction of solid foods to an infant? · Question 8 I can walk well on tiptoes,   my speech is 50% understandable, I know six body parts, but I cannot balance   on one foot for 1 second. I am: · Question 9 You receive a phone call from   the mother of a 2-year-old. She states her child has sleep refusal. You   suggest the child should be able to: · Question 10 A   15-month-old  boy says “mama” and “dada,” points and gestures if he   wants things, and follows simple one-step commands. Your best response is   which of the following? · Question 11 At what age would a child   be expected to remember a string of numbers and repeat them backwards? · Question 12 A 13-month-old child is noted   to be at the 25th percentile for weight, the 10th percentile for height, and   less than the 5th percentile for head circumference. She was   born at term. She was noted to have a small head at birth, to be   developmentally delayed throughout her life, and to have required cataract   surgery shortly after birth. She currently takes phenobarbital for seizures.   Which of the following would most likely explain this child’s small size? · Question 13 A child’s head   circumference is routinely measured on each well visit until what age? · Question 14 A 14-year-old female comes   into the office for an urgent visit after taking 10 valium tablets.    Following the initial emergent care and stailization, the most important part   of the management is: · Question 15 All of the   following are consistent with peritonsillar abscess except: b. Trismus · Question 16 Which of the   following complication of strep pharyngitis cannot be prevented with   antibiotics? b. Glomerulonephritis · Question 17 A 4-year-old   believes there is more juice in a tall, thin glass than a shorter, wider one.   The child has not yet achieved which of the principles of Piaget? b. Conservation · Question 18 Josh, age 13, has   some enlargement of the scrotum and testes, a reddened scrotal sac, and some   hair texture alteration. His penis is not enlarged. He is in Tanner stage d. II · Question 19 A breastfed infant   is expected to have a lower incidence of which of the following? e. Diarrhea · Question 20 A 12-year-old male   states he noticed an enlargement of his testes and scrotum. When counseling   him about the next step in pubertal development, you state: d. The penis will grow in length and width. · Question 21 You see a 7-year-old   with complaints of “having accidents at night.” Physical exam and   history are unremarkable. Urinalysis, urine culture, and specific gravity are   normal. His parents ask about the best treatment for this problem. The best   response is a. Fluid restriction and voiding prior to the nig…

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