Question 1 While caring for a patient from the Chinese culture, the nurse learns that the patient has a specific practice that follows yin and yang . What impact will this have on the patient’s dietary intake? 1. The patient will eat only specified combinations of food. 2. Some foods are only eaten at different times of the year. 3. There are specific foods for specific purposes. 4. Identifies if foods should be eaten hot or cold Question 2 What would the nurse identify as contributors to illness? Select all that apply . 1. Imbalance of body, mind, or spirit 2. Imbalance with the family 3. Imbalance with the community 4. Imbalance with the forces of the natural world 5. Imbalance with socioeconomic status Question 3 While performing a home assessment, the home care nurse identifies traditional practices that the patient uses to protect health . Which are practices used to protect health? Select all that apply . 1. Picture of a saint hanging on the wall in the bedroom 2. String of garlic hanging in the kitchen 3. Burning a candle on the kitchen table 4. Wearing a purple scarf 5. Chanting prayers Question 4 Which actions would the nurse categorize as traditional mental HEALTH maintenance? 1. Activities to concentrate and stimulate the mind 2. Avoiding physically demanding hobbies 3. Using medications to preserve chemical balance in the brain 4. Wearing head covering in the cold to preserve head warmth Question 5 Which action do most people take when experiencing a mild illness? 1. Rely on self-treatment or do nothing. 2. Ingest herbs specific to how they are feeling. 3. Consult a local faith HEALER. 4. Immediately seek medical attention. Question 6 A patient wants to use a complementary medicine approach for a chronic health problem . Which approaches would the nurse suggest the patient use? Select all that apply . 1. Hypnotherapy 2. Qi gong 3. Biofeedback 4. Reiki Question 7 During an assessment, a patient tells the nurse, “An onion a day keeps everyone away . ” How does this philosophy protect health? 1. An onion protects the person from coming in contact with those who might be ill. 2. This philosophy affirms the belief in the power of onions to prevent disease. 3. This philosophy recognizes the special antibiotic properties contained within onions. 4. This philosophy advertises that onions have special healing abilities. Question 8 Which action does the nurse recognize as essential for maintaining health? 1. Having a strong familial and social support system 2. Practicing moderation in all activities 3. Ensuring proper balance in all aspects of life 4. Taking a daily multivitamin Question 9 During a health history, a patient tells the nurse about following traditional epidemiological practices . What is the purpose of these practices? 1. Preserve a heritage 2. Used as a part of the patient’s religion. 3. Cure an illness 4. Uses folk medicine herbal remedies Question 10 Which activities does the nurse recognize as being used by a patient to restore health? Select all that apply . 1. Drinking herbal tea 2. Using massage 3. Prayer 4. Meditation 5. Purging Question 11 A patient tells the nurse that an illness was caused by the evil eye . What are common beliefs about this cause of illness? Select all that apply . 1. Power comes from the eye and strikes a victim. 2. The onset of illness is sudden. 3. The person who cast the evil eye may not be aware of the power. 4. The illness may be cured with rituals. 5. The illness will become chronic. Question 12 Which statement would the nurse utilize to define HEALTH? 1. The balance of a person within the outside world 2. A continuous struggle between balance and imbalance 3. Recovering from an illness 4. Physical wholeness for activity Question 13 While assessing a patient from the Jewish culture, the nurse learns that the patient believes that an illness is being caused by another soul . What is this health belief considered? 1. Aberglobin 2. Kayn aynhoreh 3. Szatan 4. Dybbu…

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