Here are the steps:

1.Rent or borrow a movie that you have not seen before.

2.Watch the whole movie with the sound off (and the close caption off).

3.Every few minutes, make a note about one of the people you see on the screen’s non-verbal communication or about an activity that’s taking place.

4.Write a one or two sentence description of several of the people on the video. Now, watch the tape with the sound on. Complete the following:

Think about and answer the following questions in the assignment:

1. How close were you in your interpretations of the people and what was going on?

2. Who were the main characters? How well were you able to know them without the sound?

3. What did you find out about the characters with the sound on?

4. Write a summary of how close you were to actual events. Be sure to include the above questions.

follow the rubric :

Indicator/Point Value


Instructor Comments


Point Value: 70

The name of the movie watched is at the top of the assignment.

At the very least 30 notes about the movie (indicated every few minutes of the movie).

Notes must be in complete sentences.

2-3 sentences about each character in the movie are included.

Each of the four questions are fully answered with at least three to four sentences.

Indicator: MLA formatting is met.

Point Value: 15

12-point Arial or Times New Roman font

Double spaced

One inch margins

Writing is in MLA format

Indicator: Correct English grammar is met.

Point Value: 15

Writing is free of spelling or word use errors.

Writing is free of run-on sentences or sentence fragments.

All punctuation is used appropriately.

All proper nouns and the beginnings of sentences are capitalized appropriately.

All other standard English grammar, punctuation, and spelling are followed.

Sentences vary in structure between simple, complex, compound, and complex-compound structures.

Fully developed paragraphs have a minimum of four – five sentences each.

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