Undocumented or unauthorized migrants comprise more than 11 million inhabitants of the United States. These people live in predominantly urban areas and take part in the production of our urban experience. From the people who clean homes, to restaurant workers, to nannies, etc., these people are both residents and place-makers in many cities throughout the United States. They are also active contributors to the making of wealth in the United States, and in major cities like Los Angeles.I then want you to write about the documentary in relationship to the major themes discussed in class. Tell me how you felt while watching the documentary. How does it expose major themes in class such as racial inequality, discrimination, and prisonization? Furthermore, I want you to go through the process of applying for formal status in the United States. Visit https://www.uscis.gov. Get familiar with the site and write about how you feel as you explore the various requirements to attain the famous green card. Does it seem like an easy process to you? How did you feel looking at all the different forms and questionnaires?

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