Read Chapter 3, especially the part about tariff and non-tariff barriers. You must type in your answers by hitting reply below. You do not need to reply to another classmate’s post. There are no extra points for commenting on another person’s post.

Research and briefly write about any one trade barrier that a country imposes on an imported product from another country/ countries. Is this trade barrier good or bad for the imposing country? Explain why or why not?

Here is an Example – The EU (European Union) imposed high standards on US beef, resulting in the region banning US hormone treated beef for several years. The US did not consider this as fair trade. You may support the EU as they have the right to provide good quality products to their consumers. On the other hand, you may support the US as high standards lead to high prices and the EU should probably give their consumers an informed choice.

In the above example, beef is the imported product; standards is the trade barrier; EU is the imposing country/ region


Approximately 100 – 130 words

  • 2 points for the type of trade barrier,
  • 2 points for country/ region that is imposing the barrier,
  • 2 points for the imported product on which the barrier is imposed,
  • 3 points for your opinion and reasons – why is it good or bad for the imposing country.
  • 1 point for source/ reference – At least one source of your information; if it’s an online source, then give the url, date and title. You may use examples from your textbook too.
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