After reading the National Education Technology Plan, Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology. and using Elements of Thought, respond fully to each of the scenarios listed. Responses must include critical thought, and address all aspects of the scenarios:

  • The National Education Technology Plan (NETP) calls for revolutionary transformation rather than evolutionary tinkering. Describe the factors that make this a difficult problem. Describe some of the difficulties teachers and trainers will need to deal with in order to have this transformation take place.
  • NETP concludes, “The challenging and rapidly changing demands of our global economy tell us what people need to know and who needs to learn. Advances in learning sciences show us how people learn. Technology makes it possible for us to act on this knowledge and understanding.” Evaluate if this is a valid conclusion. How did the authors reach this conclusion?
  • NETP states, “Professional educators are a critical component of transforming our education systems, and therefore strengthening and elevating the teaching profession is as important as effective teaching and accountability.” Explain what implications this statement has for teachers and for you. Explain what strengthening the teaching profession entails, if it is fair, and why or why not.
  • NETP provides a list of effective strategies and implementation processes for “getting started now.” Critically review the list and explain the success or lack of success evidenced. Have these strategies and processes contributed to a “revolutionary transformation?” Why or why not?
  • The NETP is currently working on a new National Education Technology Plan. Describe what suggestions for change you would have for them.

Your paper must be three to five pages in length (double-spaced, not including title and reference pages) and utilize 6th Ed. APA formatting. It must cite at least one additional scholarly reference in addition to the National Education Technology plan. Citations must be properly formatted in 6th edition APA style.

National Education Technology Plan –

Transforming American Education –

Elements of Thought –

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