1) You have heard a number of musical works that make musical reference—not simply textual reference—to cultural elements, whether the culture is native to the artist or borrowed. Drawing upon course content, including musical examples, readings, and terminology, choose 1 piece we have examined that uses cultural reference(s). Discuss the way(s) the piece presents its cultural elements.

2) Stage plays and musicals often deal topically with current and historical events.What is an event (cultural, political, or social) from the last 5 years that you think would make a good stage play? Explain why.

3) Hip hop culture and its music have greatly evolved over the past 40+ years. Illustrate this evolution by comparing/contrasting a modern rap song (2015 to today) with an older song we discussed in class. the older song id “The Message”

4) A critical and financial success, Hamilton is often described as a hip hop musical. Based on what you have seen and heard from the play as presented and discussed in class, does Hamilton do justice to hip hop in general or merely cater to it in order to reach a larger audience demographic?

Short Essay

1) Based on the many theatrical examples of stage designs, lighting, and costuming that you have seen in class, how much do you think these elements can contribute to both the storytelling and overall feeling or mood of a play? If you have already seen your required theatrical performance, you may reference that. If you have not, base your answer on presentation examples or other theatrical productions you have experienced.

2) Considering our discussions of musical elements, canonical works and artists, cultural borrowing, artistic movements, and the listening experience, how has your understanding of music as an art form changed so far this semester? Use specific terms and examples from lectures and readings to elaborate your points, and feel free to contrast your stance with your classmates’ based on our class discussions.

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