MKT 6661

Strategic Marketing Management

Phenix City Housing Project

The Phenix City Housing Authority is working to create a separate nonprofit organization that encompasses something different (separate) but related to the housing authority. They want to expand beyond a housing and neighborhood development needs organization and become a much larger social service entity for the low income neighborhood. Example include: offering resources for childcare, transportation, food security, job assistance, educational connections, and land opportunities; such as purchasing vacant lots and building duplexes or pursuing home ownership opportunities (support services). The Housing Authority considers this part of their community duty to move beyond housing needs.

Examples of organizations that do something similar…..research these:

Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis


Haley Ramey

Resident Services

Phenix City Housing Authority

334-664-9991 ext 207

Branding and Positioning

Deliverables –

  • A solid, well-written “elevator pitch” (google “elevator pitch – marketing) to gain and keep interest in PC HANDS (Housing and Neighborhood Development)
    • A written elevator pitch 1000-1500 words
      • Propose the value proposition of your organization
      • You might research
        • How the activities mentioned above help/support people.
        • Poverty and children (1 in 5 children live in poverty, 13.5% live in poverty overall but 20% are children).
        • How the impact of some of the services they want to provide
        • Research as much as possible to get the information you need to set up (and determine) the value proposition for this program.
  • Answer the questions – Why should they fund you (but don’t use that question in your pitch)?
  • The pitch is something that can be included in grant applications such as Ford Foundation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Atlanta.
  • It is a positioning statement that tells a story.
  • It helps “sell” the idea to potential funders.
  • The example of what was submitted for a grant, says 500 words or less.
  • Bullet points are okay to use.
  • Many people do not know or understand this new program.
  • They want to build a brand that is not automatically perceived as the “projects”.
  • They want to be the vehicle
  • Take your pitch above and modify as needed to make a printable brochure or flyer of some type. Be creative here with type of materials used if possible. Maybe choose a “theme” of some sort (even a logo) that can be implemented across the entire marketing of the program. For example, paragraphs and visuals of data can tell a quick story, sometimes without additional words.
    • This deliverable will be used for people in the community to learn about the program and the services offered/available. This deliverable is for creating awareness and providing information about the new non-profit while searching for funding in the local area and outside areas.
    • This is who we are….this is what we do…..please support us.

Remember, there are many ways to present the information, your job is to condense it while ensuring the message is not lost

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