I need Milestone Two (SOW) by Sunday night.  Milestone One has been completed and attached.  Please go by the Rubric Milestone Two because I did not do well on Milestone One.  I have attached Milestone One SOW, so please contine after the conclusion by adding to it.  I believe it is at least three pages.  I have also attached the Rubric for it. 4-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Security Policies Development The Case Document referenced 10 security gaps, such as lack of security awareness, training to fight phishing and social engineering attacks, and lack of configuration policies to reduce unintentional threats. This assignment will include a list of access control policies addressing remote access, encryption and hashing (to control data flow), auditing network accounts, configuration change management (to reduce unintentional threats), segregation of duties, mandatory vacation (to mitigate intentional threats), personally identifiable information (PII) breaches, media protection, and social engineering. This milestone focuses on security functionality. Keep in mind that each policy should be no longer than one page. For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Rubric document, the Final Project Document, and the Case Document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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