See and follow the attached LAB. Below is just a preview of the attached LAB. The objective of this lab experiment is to introduce you to assembly language programming for solving mathematical problems. You will use DEBUG to conduct this lab. Consider the following: The sun is 93,000,000 miles from the Earth. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. How long does it take a ray of light to reach the Earth? The correct answer is 8 minutes, 20 seconds. For this lab assignment, complete the following: 1.   Open a command window (or DosBox), start DEBUG, and enter these commands: a mov dx,1 mov ax,6b48 mov bx,00ba div bx mov bl,3c div bl r t 6 q 2.   Remember that a screenshot showing your DEBUG results should be included in your lab report. 3.   What is the final value in the AX register? Does it represent some combination of 8 and 20? Hint: Remember that DEBUG only works with hexadecimal numbers. 4.   Explain how the calculations were performed in SUN.SCR. For example, were the numbers 93,000,000 and 186,000 represented anywhere? If not, why not? 5.   Open a command window (or DosBox), start DEBUG, and enter the following commands. What is the final value in AL? Explain why this is correct. a 200 db 5 db 8 db 4 db 7 db 6 a 100 mov si,200 mov al,[si] mov ah,0 mov bh,0 movbl,[si+1] add ax,bx movbl,[si+2] add ax,bx movbl,[si+3] add ax,bx movbl,[si+4] add ax,bx mov bl,5 div bl r t 0e q 6.   Open a command window (or DosBox), start DEBUG, and enter the following commands. a mov al,20 cmp al,10 cmp al,20 r t 3 q 7.   Discuss the relationship between the instructions and the results indicated by the flags. Hint : See Example 4.7 beginning on page 102 in Chapter 4 of your assigned textbook. 8.   Repeat step 4 using these commands: a mov al,90 cmp al,80 cmp al,a0 r t 3 q 9.   Download the program COMPARES.ASM . Assemble, link, and run. 10.   Choose four additional types of conditional jump instructions (see page 124 of your assigned textbook), and add the appropriate procedures to test the new jump instructions. Your final program will show the results of eight comparisons. 11.   Submit the final ASM file.

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