These are two separate questions and should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words each, and include at least 1 in text cite.

1)You are completing your practicum at a local marriage and family therapy clinic. Your supervisor assigns you a new case and tells you that the referral is for a couple that is experiencing “difficulties with intimacy in their relationship.” Jennifer, a 28 year old Hispanic female, and Jessica, a 25 year old Caucasian female arrive for their first session. Your intake reveals that neither Jennifer nor Jessica has any history of trauma or abuse, physical, sexual, or otherwise. They both express love, care, and concern for each other, and appear to have a healthy relationship. When you inquire about the reason they have sought therapy, Jessica tells you that they are having “problems in the bedroom.” You are just about out of time and schedule a second session for next week.

Based on your readings from last week and understanding about couple’s dynamics, how would you begin to conceptualize this case? Base this conceptualization on a model of MFT. Use the MFT Models chart to guide this.

2) a) What is your reaction to our reading this week, in particular, how congruent your own beliefs line up with changing gender roles and female and male sexuality?

2) b) How have female sexuality and male and female gender roles changed since the sexual revolution, and what impact do you believe this had on couple relationships?

Reading for question above

TICenter (2013). Has the sexual revolution been good for women? (Video File). Retrieved from

International School History (2015). Women’s Movement 1960s-70s [Video File]. Retrieved from

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